About Health Ministry at West Nidaros Lutheran Church

Health Ministry is a growing trend in churches of all denominations throughout the US and beyond. West Nidaros established its Health Ministry program in the spring of 2006. Active in the life of the congregation, members of the Health Ministry Team are available to support individual West Nidaros members in their pursuit of health and to provide activities designed to promote the health of the congregation.

Health Ministry Mission Statement: The Mission of West Nidaros Health Ministry is to facilitate the healing ministry of the church through professional services, consultation, events, activities and relationships that convey the love of Jesus Christ to all. The goal is to support and encourage healthy behavior and lifestyles so that individuals and families can live productive, meaningful lives of service and thanksgiving.

The Health Ministry Team has provided the following programming and services:


  • Health column titled For Your Health: Body, Mind and Spirit in the monthly newsletter.
  • Health tips and announcements about community health resources in church publications.
  • Brochures about various health topics made available in our Welcome Center.
  • Health Fairs and special observances to share information about various health conditions: Think Pink (breast cancer awareness), Wear Red Sunday (heart health for women), Prostate Cancer Awareness Sunday and an Earth Day Celebration.
  • Adult forums on such topics as heart health and advance directives (one’s wishes related to end-of-life care).
  • Children’s education during Sunday School at West Nidaros and Vacation Bible School at Horse Creek on such topics as nutrition, exercise and safety.

Wellness/Fitness Programs

  • Monthly blood pressure screening; information and support for managing hypertension
  • Nutrition Fair, Go for the Whole Grains, and The Daniel Plan program.
  • Various exercise programs: Walking to the Cross, Stretch & Pray, West Nidaros Walkers,
    Get My People Going, Choose to Move,
    and Faithfully Fit Forever.

Safety and Disaster Preparedness

  • Safety Sunday for children
  • Bike Rodeo – education about bike safety rules, safety check of participating childrens’ bicycles, and distribution of free bike helmets.
  • Training sessions on First Aid, CPR and use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • Maintenance of First Aid kits for the church. Monthly check of AED to assure that it is functional.
  • Development of disaster preparedness plan for West Nidaros.

Special Ministries Initiated by West Nidaros Health Ministry

  • Caring Friends is a program designed to pair two Christians together in a special relationship. West Nidaros members who want the companionship of a Caring Friend receive periodic visits and phone calls from their designated Caring Friend. Caring Friends also deliver handmade baby blankets to all newborns in the congregation.
  • Bereavement Ministry provides individualized assistance, resources and support to West Nidaros members following the death of a loved one through a series of mailings and visits by the Pastor and a Bereavement Visitor over the course of a year. This ministry is provided only to those who wish to receive this extended support.

Do you need information about a particular health issue?

The website http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/Health.shtml provides a wealth of information. It is a comprehensive data base with health information about food, nutrition and fitness; drugs; health topices A-Z; caregivers’ resources; health insurance; health by population group; health news and resources; and health services in your community.

Health Ministry Links:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the national public health institute of the United States.
  • HealthySD.gov was created to help South Dakotans become more physically active and eat healthier foods.
  • WebMD.com provides information about symptoms and diseases, as well as drugs and supplements. It also provides information about healthy living and pregnancy/parenting.
  • Mayo Clinic provides information about healthy lifestyles, symptoms, diseases and conditions, tests and procedures, drugs and supplements.