The Little Nidaros Church is a replica of the Old Nidaros Church that was built in 1878 and in now located in Renner. Art Moe was inspired to build a replica as he daily drove past the Old Church on his way to work. Following retirement, Moe worked 5300 hours on the project over a 15 – year period. He paid $9,000 for materials. The completed miniature, built on a scale of 4 inches to the foot and measuring 12 by 18 feet, seats about 20 persons.

More attended classes to learn how to duplicate the stained-glass windows and then made the interior to match the Old Nidaros Church. The alter has a built-in pulpit and is painted Norwegian red. To make it usable, it was constructed two-thirds the size of the original.

In August 1993, when Moe donated the replica to West Nidaros Church for the congregation’s 125th anniversary, a mover transported it from Moe’s farm to West Nidaros. Dedicated to the glory of God in memory of the pioneers who started the congregation and in honor of the members who have sustained it, the replica is used occasionally for baptisms and weddings.